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Disease – Your body communicates with you
Are you suffering from depression, anxiety or rejection? Have you ever been on some kind of medication and now you have created dependence with high doses or did they not help you at all? Are you simply confused that your life just doesn’t make any sense and you wonder “why me?” Are you looking for some answers to your disease or do you want to find peace in your chaotic life? Have you ever thought that your body is telling you something through a physical disease, a mental disorder or something only you know deep down inside your heart?
From time to time people reach to an erroneous belief and they generally ask “Am I responsible for my disease or are my parents?” In order to answer this question we have to differentiate among judicial guilt, the ideas of moral guilt, and psychoanalytical approaches and questions on guilt.
The research on depth psychology has demonstrated that the development of early childhood stages and early life experiences play a significant role in adult life. Every mental or physical disorder can be the consequence of an unconscious defective impregnation of one or more of these periods.

In a spiritual sense, all obstacles are opposite and they give us the opportunity to Recognize. In Depth Psychology disease or disorder is not an enemy but there is chance to recognize and when we acknowledge that we no longer need the disease and it goes away. The symptom is extremely logical; it is the wisdom of the body to find the correct symptom.

Integrative therapy of depth psychology does not focus on guilt or forgiveness; it opens up the understanding of essential undeveloped experiences and integrates them; which have been rejected in the history of your life. It does not have the goal “to fight against disease and hiding the symptom.” Any therapy that works against symptoms can provoke a relocation of symptoms.

It supports and encourages you to go to the source of the problem. It brings unconscious disorders to your conscious level so that you can recognize, accept, understand, learn and integrate them in your daily life. It respects the individual and spiritual being of the patient, who himself finds his own solutions, assimilates parts of his nature and the energies that were previously hidden behind his symptoms.

It is here, at that moment that discovery is made and he/she is able to manage their problem. When the patient expresses himself through his sickness as “the best possible solution” we are able to work through even the most painful and self-aggressive diseases. Every disease is a mask and you have to go beyond it.

This therapy has been very successful in healing almost any kind of mental or physical illness. Here are two illustrations of this at work. One patient came to understand the cause of her benign tumor and she decided to continue her life without it, creating wellness. Another came to know why she created breast cancer in her right breast and not in her left. I have been privileged to witness the miracles of life through my holistic practices.

I welcome and invite you to learn more about this therapy and my practice. I will do my best to answer your questions and facilitate your understanding to assist with well-being in your life. Thank you for your inquiries!