During this time I engaged in a variety of spiritual practices on my own with the goal that I wouldn’t need my psychiatrist any longer but this only lead to my condition worsening.

Just before the therapies started I was experiencing nightmares that were frequent and for a period of time had me sleeping with a light on.  As I was falling asleep on a few occasions I felt like I was sinking out of my body and this scared me awake.  Other times I noticed hallucinations, for example, on two occasions a shadow passed over pages I was reading at the kitchen table even though looking up I noticed that there was nothing wrong with the lights.  I was quite desperate for Atul’s assistance as I had reached bottom.  At this time I happened to switch medicines so there is the possibility that the new medicine helped with the improvements noted below.  However the improvements were so rapid that I attribute them to Atul’s assistance and not to the change in medicine.

In the first week of the therapies I would use the Basic Autogenic Training when I awoke from a nightmare and this stabilized me so that I could go back to sleep.  This was a tremendous relief as I was greatly concerned how I would fare if I couldn’t get the sleep that I needed.

In the second week of therapies my nightmares became less frequent and I noticed that I could sleep better.  When I did have a nightmare I didn’t do the Basic Autogenic training as I didn’t want to create a negative association with the Basic Autogenic Training.  However several sessions later Atul assured me that I could use Basic Autogenic Training if I faced nightmares although I haven’t had to do this yet.

Over the next several weeks I noticed a continued dramatic reduction in the number of nightmares.  By fifteen weeks of therapy I still experienced the occasional feeling of what seems like an “astral cat” that would jump on my feet at night waking me up and making me move my legs to “shoo” this non-physical cat away otherwise I would continue to feel its presence move up my legs.  While going to sleep I sometimes felt the presence of hairs at the side of my face that I would brush away but there was nothing there.  Both of these feelings occurred at a reduced rate as the therapies progressed which was quite welcome.

I, and others around me, noticed an improvement in my state of being and that I gradually returned to my old self over the first fifteen sessions.  Atul encouraged me to avoid Reiki and other forms of energy work during these sessions and for at least the near future.  As the first fifteen sessions progressed I noticed increasing physical strength and clearer thoughts and had more energy although I was still impacted by the medicine that I take and it leaves me sleeping and napping a total of some 12 hours per day.  Since this sleeping and napping amount is too high my medicine has been cut back to a low dose which coincides with the end of the 15 sessions so results, if any, going forward should largely be the effect of the therapies and not a contributing effect of the new medicine that I transitioned to during the first fifteen sessions of therapies.

I found the therapies moved at a comfortable pace and nothing was pushed on to me from Atul.  Topics that came up that were sensitive were dealt with slowly – over several sessions as necessary and covered sensitively to bring a peaceful resolution to matters when the time was right.  For instance, the first ten sessions of focal therapy covered all topics that I could remember at the time we would touch on the sensitive areas briefly at each opportunity so that a little progress could be made without forcing anything.  The next five sessions covered 2011, which did have a number of matters to cover that involved hospitalization, but they also went back to earlier years to tie together patterns and slowly work on those events.

At the conclusion of the first 15 sessions I feel relaxed and peaceful and feel free from the events of 2011.  I notice that my memory of past events is beginning to return so that I don’t just have a fog of a few bad memories and without details of these events.  Since the therapies do not go for results I have no expectations for the future sessions, however, I am pleased to feel that I have stabilized to this point and have the tool of Basic Autogenous training to help me should I face unpleasant nightmares in the future.

March 6, 2012

After 32 sessions

My therapy sessions have worked back chronologically to 2001 in the same patient and sensitive manner as the first fifteen sessions.  I’m very excited to better understand and integrate the latent issues that exist in my unconscious mind.  When one considers that the unconscious mind contains and builds issues 24 hours a day 365 days per year for every year of our lives then the amount of time devoted to therapy is comparatively small.

Subsequent to the first 15 sessions I’ve improved my relationship with my spouse and my youngest child, which has had a big improvement in my life and theirs.  I attribute this improvement in the relationships solely to the therapies because I didn’t do anything with my relationships outside the therapies (it wasn’t a question of just “working things out”).  This was achieved in therapy when the root of the relationship issue is uncovered and discussed during therapy as if the other person was in the room to listen and understand your resolution to the issue.  This happens “beyond time and space” in simply an amazing way.  On the other hand, my spouse claims that our relationship improved because I returned to my old self which was the result of the therapy, however, she can’t explain the improvement with my youngest child.

I’ve found that my confidence and consciousness have both improved dramatically and that rather than just being my old self I’m throwing off cultural reinforcements and becoming more aware of the world around me.  One could say that I am throwing off “hypnosis”.  My medicine has been reduced a little further and I am sleeping and napping one hour less per day.

I have maintained my interests in spiritual pursuits and have now been approved to resume Reiki and energy work and am eager to get back to this as a new person.

I am grateful to have given myself this form of healing and wish that others could also consider following this path.

I give permission for Atul to post this testimonial on his website.

July 3, 2012

Robert W.   Mississauga, ON


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