First of all, I found myself in the therapy realizing that there was someone different projecting inside me, because I was led by many fears and fantasies that did not belong to me but they were passed on to me by my mother.  I gradually felt more confidence in myself and therapy became a time of relaxation and I began to listen and understand myself.

The best part of therapy definitely were those sessions in the mother’s womb, the experience of returning to this space, contact with my mother and to understand how I was being formed.  All these experiences have been very valuable to me. The contact and connection with my inner child is also helping me a lot in every moment of my life.

Before, I was very timid and fearful.  I allowed myself to get dominated easily by others.  Now, little by little, I have felt more security in myself, and I became aware that it was time to live and to do the things I can do. The increased confidence in myself makes me do things which I once thought would be impossible to do, but now I have done all of that and with very little effort.

Thanks to the therapy, I cured some ailments, like allergies (especially to metal), and I have controlled my anxiety for sweets.  I was not aware that I had reactions such as harming my skin by scratching or pulling my hair, but now I do not do it anymore.

I really believe that this therapy is excellent, especially for people like me who feel an emptiness when they ask themself “why me” about something that is constant in their life, and definitely they do not understand why they have to live, if it is not “normal” or when their relationship with family, friends or partner suffers and always ends in a conflict.  As I said before, this therapy is beyond anything and it helps you to understand yourself, and it also helps you to heal.

Atul is a great therapist for me.  First, he never left me alone; he was always there so that my fears did not get hold of me and I could finish my therapy.  Secondly, he is a great guide, he does not let you leave at loose ends and he supports you when things get tense. And thirdly, I think his charisma, his honesty and his way with words make the therapy to be really nice, you feel comfortable and it keeps you coming back. Thus, not only now, but I have always recommend his work 100%.

Now, I am 30 years old and I cannot say that generally my life has changed; I simply see it with different eyes. The change has occurred in me or I am changed and now I enjoy every moment and I always repeat that I am a complete human being. I do not need anybody and I can do anything if I believe in myself.

Gabriela E. Galarza T.

I authorize to Atul Kumar Mehra to post this testimonial on his website as well as any othe material he requires.

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