Atul Kumar Mehra
Registered Psychotherapist / Registered Counselling Supervisor / Addiction Specialist / Mental Health / Master Practitioner Practicing Counselling Psychology
Depression, Anxiety, Trauma, Eating and Bipolar Disorders.
Young and Adult treatment, Individual, Family and Group Counselling

Personal Profile

A highly skilled, compassionate and solution oriented professional.

Core Competencies

Addictions – Anxiety – Bed Wetting – Bipolar Disorder –
Cancer (as a measure of support and healing) –
Client Assessment and Evaluation – Crisis Intervention –
Depression – Eating Disorders – Fears and Phobias –
Individual and Group Counselling – Group Facilitator and Leader –
Public Speaking – Separation – Stress Management –
Suicide Attempt – Trauma – Treatment Analysis and Planning –
Violence Prevention – and many more.


English, Spanish, Hindi, Punjabi and French


• Doctor of Holistic Medicine (H.M.D) in process
• Diploma in French Language, 1999 Ecuador
• Master Degree, India 1990
• Certificate in Italian Language India, 1988
• Advance Spanish Language Course, 1988, India
• Post-Graduation Diploma 1986
• Bachelor Degree, India 1985


• Diploma in Integrative Psychodynamic Therapy of Depth Psychology, Meersburg, Germany
• Certificate in “Instructor Shultz Autogenic Basic Training,” Ecuador 2003
• Integrated Psychodynamic Therapy Supervision from 2002 to 2004.
• Course program on Human Consciousness, duration 16 hours, 2010.
• Course program on Cancer, emotional origin, prevention and therapy, 16 hours, 2009
• Course program on Sexuality, duration 16 hours 2008
• Seminar on Collaborative Planning, 2006
• Training program on Reincarnation, duration 16 hours, 2006
• Course program on Integrative Psychodynamic Therapy, duration 36 hours, 2005
• International course program on Hypnology, duration 30 hours, 2004
• Course program on Hypnotic healing and regression, 2003
• Course program on Integrative Psychodynamic Therapy, duration 40 hours, 2003
• Course program on Integrative Psychodynamic Therapy, duration 40 hours, 2002
• Course program on Analytical Hypnosis of Depth Psychology, duration 60 hours, 2001
• Course program on Psychodynamic Therapy, duration 40 hours, 2001
• Course program on Integrative Therapy of Depth Psychology, duration 50 hours, 2000


• Raindrop technique practitioner for stress and depression, IEWS, Brampton, Canada 2012
• Obtained Naturopath title from ESCULAPIO, Quito, Ecuador, 2006

• Diploma in Reflexology 175 hours 2008

• Course program on Neuro-Linguistic (NLP), duration 100 hours, 2007

• Diploma in Holistic Hot Stone Massage, 2007
• Diploma in Therapeutic Massage with Aromatherapy, duration 300 hours, 2006
• Diploma in Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage, duration 175 hours, 2006
• Diploma in Brush Massage Technique for eliminating stress, 2006
• Certificate Course in Feng Shui, Ecuador 2000
• Grand Master Reiki
• Master Karuna Reiki

Chronology of Professional Experience

• Director at Jaagran Psychoanalysis and Wellness Centre, Mississauga, Canada

• Working at Turning Point Detox and Rehab Centre, Hamilton.

• Working at Flower City Centre, Brampton.

• Private practice of Integrative Psychodynamic Therapy of Depth Psychology from
October 2010 to Present.
• Director at Jaagran, Yoga and Meditation Centre, Quito, Ecuador 2000 to 2010
• Worked with Dr. Jose Villalba Leon (Clinical Psychologist) as an Independent Psychotherapist from February 2005 to June 2010
• Professor of Yoga and Meditation in Colegio Britanico Internacional, Quito, Ecuador, from
2006 to 2007
• Professor of Meditation in Instituto Ilades Andes, Quito, Ecuador, from 2001 to 2003

Seminars and Workshops Given

• Seminar on Baby’s experiences in mother’s womb at NIU University, Toronto, Canada, 2012
• Seminar on Depression and Addictions at Forever Living Products, Toronto, On, Canada, 2011.
• Various Seminars given at San Francisco University, Catholic University of Quito and Catholic University of Cuenca on different topics in Ecuador from 2000-2010.
• Various seminars on the Law of Attraction and Positive Visualization at Forever Living Products, Loha, Ecuador, 2009 to 2010.
• Seminar on “Positive Language in Techniques of Leadership” at Coca Cola, 2009
• Various Seminars on Addictions and Alcoholism in AL-NON, Quito, Ecuador, 2008 to 2009
• Various seminars/courses on Human Behaviour, Positive thoughts and its impact in Hospimedico, Quito, Ecuador, 2008-2009,
• Speaker in First Congress of Therapeutic Hypnosis, 2006
• Speaker in Bioenergetics Therapy, 2006


• Sociedad Ecuatoriana de Hipnosis Terapéutica e Hipnopedia, Quito, Ecuador 2000 to 2010
• Founder and Member of ESCULAPIO, Quito, Ecuador 2005 to 2010

PRESENT MEMBERSHIPS• Canadian Professional Counsellor Association, Vernon, BC, Canada

• The Canadian Association for Psychodynamic Therapy, Toronto, ON, Canada
• Director and member of The Canadian College of Professional Counsellors and Psychotherapists, Saskatoon, SK, Canada
• National Guild of Hypnotists, Merrimack, NH, USA


• Various articles in different magazines and newspaper such as Raiz, Salud y Vida, Familia,
Weekender and others.
• Regular Radio and Televisions interviews in India, Ecuador, Venezuela and Canada.
• Vast Experience in working with Binaural Tones.
• Creator of a course on Covert Communication techniques.
• Creator of a CD for eliminating stress with a subliminal message.
• Creator of Inspirational Mind Movies using Law of Attraction.
• Creator of a Course on Mother and Baby communication during pregnancy.
• Creator of Atul’s Love Yoga.
• Creator of Advance Dancing and Static Meditation.
• Finishing a book on “Mysteries and Secrets of a Pregnant Woman.”


• Worked as an active member and leader in Social Service groups in different countries.
• Worked in a TV serial “Rosa Angelica” in Caracas Venezuela.
• Worked in a TV serial “Por Amarte Tanto” in Caracas Venezuela.
• Work as a professional model in a TV Commercial in Caracas, Venezuela.
• Worked in a theatre as a professional actor in Caracas, Venezuela in 1994
• Worked in a theatre as a professional actor in Yatrik Group, New Delhi, India 1986
• Worked in a singing and dancing opera with St. Francisco School, New Delhi, India 1987
• Worked in a dancing opera in St. Thomas School, New Delhi, India 1986
• Participated in national level athletic camp for 100 MT sprint and long jump, New Delhi, India
• Won many prices in national level competitions organized by Delhi University and other universities in Poetry, Western Music, Creative Writing and many more.
• Best athlete in school and zone level.
• Different courses on Latin Dances such as Tango, Salsa, Merengue and many more.