Instead of talking about the symptoms and its removal  he gets you to go back in time and see what is the cause of your suffering. I’m not saying that psychiatrists, psychologists and counselors do not help or are a waste of time, what I’m saying is that if you keep changing doctors and counselors because the therapies are not helping you, then maybe it’s not the doctor or counselor that might be the problem but the therapy itself. Changing doctors or counselors who have been trained the same way is like continually doing the exact same thing and expecting a different result. Atul was born and raised in India, lived in Venezuela and was trained by German Professor. He brings a global approach to the human condition. He does not have all the answers but he gets you to find those answers yourself. He does not treat you like a patient. Even is email is If you are not seeing the success you are hoping for with the therapies that you are going through, then meet Atul and maybe you will understand why I wrote this. Good luck to all of you.

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