The sessions taught me to get in touch with my subconscious mind. I learnt that whatever was happening in my world was actually due to my own creation. This was a difficult concept to grasp at first. But I soon realized on a deep level, that I was responsible for attracting everything into my life; the people, the situations, the career etc. My own subconscious fears were responsible for everything. If I was unconsciously feeling lack of love or worthiness strongly, then I was bringing people into my life that didn’t love or treat me with respect; aka: inlaws.

And likewise, all the good in my life, was also due to the fact that on some deep level, I did feel good about myself and worthy.

I learnt through the sessions to say goodbye to the fears that were holding me back and to be free of the chains!

After the therapy I felt more confident in myself, self-assured and able to feel the freedom of stress, that I so craved.

I am forever grateful for meeting Atul, and thank my higher self for creating that situation in my life.

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