One thing you should know; it is sometimes very difficult for me to accept that my previous defence mechanisms are obsolete and negative to my development and growth. I’ve shown resistance throughout and will show resistance again. The importance is that I know why I am resisting. It is not because I like the life of suffering that I am now trying to leave behind, but because I am used to that life and it is easier to repeat what we know than to venture in the unknown.

If we go to class and sit at a certain spot, our brain registers that we survived that class in that seat. The next time you go to that class, you will automatically want to sit at that same spot because your brain remembers that you survived there. Now it’s all about finding out that many different chairs have the same outcome; you stay alive, but that they might be much more comfortable or suited to your sitting needs!

If you are looking to change your life for the better, please take this on. One thing is crucial to the success of this process; you have to be 1000% committed to going to your sessions until the end of your treatment no matter what tricks your primitive brain tries to play on you. It is worth it, I can assure you as my husband and I are living proof that life can be so much better if you work hard and are guided by someone as knowledgeable as Atul.

Good luck! You have the power of your mind, you decide how you want to use it. 🙂

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